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Euthanasia – Greek for good death…                                    Cat Grooming Another Cat

Euthanasia is one of the most important decisions that you will make about your beloved cat and at Brick City Cat Hospital; we are here to support you and your cat through this last and final chapter of life. We will work with you and your cat to review their current health history, discuss their quality of life and support you in your decision. It is very important to us that your cat does not suffer. We take pride in our technical, medical and soft skills in ending the life our your beloved cat. We offer euthanasia at our office and can make arrangements for home euthanasia as well. We do not perform convenience euthanasia on nonpatients.

When is it time-

It is never the right “time”… it will always seem a little too soon or too late. While some of our clients just seem to know when their kitty’s bad days outnumber the good, other clients like to reference Dr. Alice Villalobos, a veterinarian oncologist, Quality of life scale

What to expect-

Can I Be There?

Yes- we welcome and encourage you to be there and to bring friend or family member for support. However, if you don’t feel you can be with your cat, we will stay with them during the process so they will not be alone.

During the beginning of the Covid shutdown, we came up with protocols that will allow you to be with your pet during the procedure while maintaining safety for all concerned. You can read about it in an article here.

What Happens?

Our goal it to have a peaceful passing:

1. We have you sign a consent form for euthanasia and decide on care of remains.

2. We will verbally walk you through the process to make sure you are as prepared as possible. We want to make sure that you will be ok and that you have the emotional support needed for the loss of your beloved cat. We will take payment at this point so you aren’t disturbed during the process.

3. To ensure a peaceful passing, we always give an intramuscular sedative help your cat relax. Depending on your cat’s hydration, it takes between 5-10 minutes to take effect. Once you kitty is very relaxed, but still conscious, we will give an injection usually in a vein of euthosol to cause death. We do not place an IV catheter, as your kitty will be very sedated when we give this injection. You can have your cat on your lap and pet them or kiss them good bye. There is no pain but just a peaceful slipping away of life. Our Doctors always confirm that your cat has passed away when you are ready to have them listen to your kitty’s chest to confirm death.

4. After your cat passes away, their eyes will remain open. The muscles that hold their eyes open are stronger than those that close them. In addition, sometimes they will urinate after they pass on.

5. You may visit as long as you like while we are still open. Once you are ready to leave, we will either place your cat in a casket for home burial or prepare them for cremation.

Can I take a keepsake?

We can take a clipping of fur from your pet, or put inked pawprints on a memorial poem. There is no charge for this service. We can give these to you at the euthanasia appointment or prepare them after you leave for pickup at our office or mail them to you them.

What Should I Do With My Cat’s Remains?

1. Cremation: If you decide on cremation, you will need to decide if you want ashes returned to you or communal cremation with other cats and dogs. Crevasses Pet Funeral Home in Gainesville is a wonderful organization that provides this service in a caring and ethical way. You can learn more about them here. If you feel comfortable with Crevasse, we can organize everything for you and let you know when then the ashes are returned to us.

2. Burial at home: Many people who own their homes choose to bury their pets in their yards. Great care must be given to bury them deep enough (at least three feet). We will provide you with an environmentally friendly casket at no charge. Some people like to have their kitty wrapped in plastic to deter predators, while others want a “greener burial’. We will ask you which you prefer. Many cities have ordinances against home burial so check with your local officials before laying your cat to rest.

3. Cemeteries: Similar to human burial, a casket and headstone are selected. Services are available with or without viewing of the remains. A nearby cemetery in Micanopy is run by a veterinarian.

Can Euthanasia Be Performed In My Home?

End of Life Euthanasia Options for Home Visits:

Lap of Love  855-933-5683

Lap of Love Quality of Life Assessment

Lap of Love Quality of Life Scale

Gold Coast Veterinary Dr. Leff, (352) 509-4314

Tobias Veterinary Services 

Dr. Stacy Furgang - Peaceful Passings (352) 322-3728

Dr. Rebecca Fratello - House Calls Mobile Pet Clinic  (352) 815-0404

What do I do if you are closed and my pet can’t wait?

Emergency after hours, weekends, or holidays UF PETS emergency treatment services in Ocala is open.

Are there resources to help with my bereavement?

We have multiple links on our webpage that you can access here.