Brick City Cat Hospital

702 South Magnolia Avenue
Ocala, FL 34471


Brick City Cat Hospital is a Trupanion Express Clinic!

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What does cat health insurance cover?

Simply put, we provide one simple plan that covers 90% of your unexpected veterinary costs. This includes hospital stays, diagnostic tests, medications, surgeries, and other treatments that arise when your feline friend is ill or injured.* The 90% coverage kicks in after you meet your deductible, and there are no limits on the amount we reimburse.

Basically, almost every type of injury or illness is eligible for coverage, so long as it is not considered pre-existing. We do not exclude any conditions or breed-specific ailments. We even cover hereditary and congenital conditions, provided signs were not evident before your enrollment date.

That means if your cat gets a respiratory infection, develops a recurring urinary condition, or is diagnosed with kidney disease or lymphoma, we’ll be there. Sprains a paw? We’ll cover it. Allergies? We’ve got it covered. Swallows a rubber band? We’ve covered it before and we’ll do it again. Nibbles on a toxic plant? We’re there for you.

Cat Playing With Cat Toy